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Griffin Plutus Family Office
        Griffin Plutus is a leading wealth management company based in London. We service wealthy family in investment, emigration, trust, insurance, tax, legal and life quality issues. A full set of professional and independent steward type service is provided to wealthy families for asset protection, asset appreciation and fortunes inheritance.
        Standing on customer’s side, our distinguished services satisfy client’s demands in both general way and tailor-made way for the sake of interests and confidentiality. Multi-family office service model develops closer relationship between our clients and us in the long run compared to single-family office service model.
        To protect client’s assets and pursue value appreciation, the service principles of Griffin Plutus is translated into our logo naturally. A shield in the middle of the logo notes the legal protection to fortunes; both Gryphon and Nine headed Dragon on the left are god’s beasts responsible for guarding fortunes according to Greek mythology; the word Droupnir on the ring in the behind represents wealth in Latin.

        In Greater China Region, we meet our family office client’s demands in asset allocation, financial investment, insurance arrangement, fortunes inheritance, oversea emigration and life quality by tailored services. An integrated platform is built up together with financial and tax consultants, attorneys, accountants, immigration and education specialists and medical consultants.
Service Concept:
        A full set of services including asset management, fortunes inheritance, life quality offered to top class wealthy families come from our service principle: Respectful, Distinguished, Excellent and Confidential.
        Respectful: Customer experience is the most important piece of standards in wealth protection, asset appreciation and fortune inheritance.
        Distinguished: A full range of steward service comes to ultimate honorable client experience.
        Excellent: Leading service quality results from constantly improved performance based on global and domestic know-how and experiences.
        Confidential: Keeping confidential of client information is the premise and guarantee of our services while meeting commitments to our client is the cornerstone.
Service Strength:
        Customized services: A full set of integrated financial services is tailored for our client from the view of demands and preferences.
        Highly skilled team: Our colleagues are graduated from global and/or domestic famous universities and earned rich experiences in finance, tax, legal and business.
        Diversified resources: Our service provider platform extends to various industries and sectors, which facilitates us to introduce most favorable and qualified providers to our clients individually.
Navigation services
By selecting professional specialists and high-quality strategic partners, we will provide all-round, professional and convenient one-stop services related to navigation industry as follows: business airplane purchasing consulting, financial leasing, airplane importing, deposit, etc.
Helicopter purchasing consulting, purchasing agency, product import, assembling and flight test, financial guarantee, lease, deposit, navigation airport construction consulting, second-hand helicopter trade, flight training, helicopter rental, etc.
High-level business trip
Our strategic partner, Changcheng Business Car Rental Ltd, will utilize its unique advantages in products – the more than 1,000 business cars in Beijing currently owned by it for club members to choose from, and its expanding internet resources – which has a coverage over major cities in China such as Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, in order to provide club members with safe, convenient and thoughtful customized VIP services, assisting their business trip and career.
Comprehensive financial services
With the biggest platform of intelligence finance and internet finance in China – the finance factory, and supported by the multiple licenses of Xianfeng financial group, the experienced professional team will provide club members with diversified financial products and services, including financial lease, credit, banking investment, assets management, fortune management, micro finance, currency exchange, and customized financial solutions for corporates.
Comprehensive financial services
Holding No. 4 (securities consulting) license and No. 9 (assets management) license in Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, we are able to offer investment immigration services for countries and regions such as America, Canada, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, and deal with application for account opening and assets management thereafter.
Healthy travel
On one hand, we provide overseas high-level travel and health management services involving Swiss anti-aging sheep placenta, Korean cosmetology, Korean anti-aging stem cells, Korean plastic surgery, American medication, Japan cancer screening. On the other hand, as for high-level inside health services, we have emergency air forwarding, green channels in the biggest three hospitals in Beijing and appointment and consulting services for specialists of Chinese medicine.
Business Exchange Platform
The platform provides members with business information exchanges and organizes various forums and salons.
Private Club
“China Private Jet Club is located in IFC Beijing, a CBD area in down town of Beijing. Customers enjoy the high-end and private service in a place with European-style decoration, boutique china displays, multi-media devices, touch-pad meeting tables.
Beijing Shi Club is located in a China traditional courtyard, Siheyuan, at Historian alley in Beijing, which is near to Jinbao Street, which is a quiet place in a municipal city. It services member only for many kinds of salon activities and business gatherings, such as stringed instruments musical instrument concerts, films, ball games and dinings.
Business Exchange Platform
The platform provides members with business information exchanges and organizes various forums and salons.
Tailored Top-class Jewels
Chaumet was established in 1780 in Paris and it is a top tier jewels brand with the longest history under LVMH, top luxury product group in the world. In western, it is a royal use brand and designated jewels-repair institution for Paris Louvre. The world flagship st ore at Place Vendome in Paris and brand museum are the shrines to jewel professionals and fans. Chaumet offers discount price and tailored services to membership holders.
Yacht Services
Yacht services consults clients in the fields of purchase of customized yacht, finance lease, yacht imports, custodian management, yacht rent.
Precious Wine Collections
Boërl & Kroff (B&K)Champagne
B&K champagne is made from well-know Pinot Noir grape in France Champagne District with traditional techniques of 12 years brews. It is limited to produce annually. B&K is recognized and accepted by leading sommelier and brewer globally and it is one of the best quality champagnes historically in the world. B&K is recommended by many noble families. It is on a presidential level in France’s Palais de l’Elyse and praised by famous Charles de Gaulle family. Members can receive priviledges in priority orders and customized services.

Chateau De La Salle in France
Chateau De La Salle is located in Bordeaux district of France and it is belonged to our business partner Guimet Group. Red wine and white wine from Chateau De La Salle tastes fine and smooth, smells sweet and makes people joyful. Precious Brews Collections
An extensive partnership is estabilshed with leading brewers and agents in the world, which start up the fabulous trip of tasting precious brews.
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