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Griffin Plutus Family Office
        Griffin Plutus is a leading wealth management company based in London. We service wealthy family in investment, emigration, trust, insurance, tax, legal and life quality issues. A full set of professional and independent steward type service is provided to wealthy families for asset protection, asset appreciation and fortunes inheritance.
        Standing on customer’s side, our distinguished services satisfy client’s demands in both general way and tailor-made way for the sake of interests and confidentiality. Multi-family office service model develops closer relationship between our clients and us in the long run compared to single-family office service model.
        To protect client’s assets and pursue value appreciation, the service principles of Griffin Plutus is translated into our logo naturally. A shield in the middle of the logo notes the legal protection to fortunes; both Gryphon and Nine headed Dragon on the left are god’s beasts responsible for guarding fortunes according to Greek mythology; the word Droupnir on the ring in the behind represents wealth in Latin.

        In Greater China Region, we meet our family office client’s demands in asset allocation, financial investment, insurance arrangement, fortunes inheritance, oversea emigration and life quality by tailored services. An integrated platform is built up together with financial and tax consultants, attorneys, accountants, immigration and education specialists and medical consultants.
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