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We offer all-round trust consulting service, and service of transferring your assets abroad via legal trust.
        We are in long-term cooperation with a number of trusted partners in UK and several other jurisdictions.
        By way of setting up overseas trust fund, we will help clients avoid the submitting of inheritance tax, which is voluntary in theory. Anyone is entitled to make proper arrangements for his property during lifetime. Certain overseas trust fund is trust in full authority, which cannot be requested by creditors even if the settlor is a beneficiary rather than the one that the property belongs to, or the settlor falls into insolvency for business failure.
        Furthermore, since the fund is not under the name of the offspring of the settlor, leaving them no right to dispose, the safety of the family fortune is guaranteed if he does not trust his offspring in fear that they should dissipate the fortune or get defrauded.
        The income brought by the fund (such as rent, interest and share) can be used to supply the living needs and education of the spouse and the offspring. The basic living needs in clothes, food, housing and commute would not be a concern. In the meantime the property of overseas trust can be gradually expanded over time.
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