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        Overseas Insurance product is the very common financial tool for wealth inheritance. In special, Universal Life Insurance can effectively help your family for wealth inheritance. Overseas Insurance product can not only help client to avoid the estate duty, but help client to avoid estate disputes as well.
        Compared with the domestic insurance product, overseas insurance has the following advantage. First, the premium of overseas insurance is lower than domestic insurance by 30%-40% for the same product, which has the economical advantage for huge wealth inheritance. Second, the limit of medical check of overseas insurance is 4-5 times higher than domestic insurance for the same product, which can help the domestic entrepreneurs who cannot successfully pass the domestic medical check to smoothly inherit the huge wealth in subscription of overseas insurance. Third, the low overseas interest rate provides the useful leverage tool for oversea insurance product, among which, the overseas Universal Life Insurance benefit most. By taking advantage of the leverage tool with the low overseas interest rate, domestic entrepreneur can enjoy 6-7 times coverage for wealth inheritance by only paying 2.5% interest rate annually.
        Out family office helps you to select the most fitful overseas insurance product based on your needs, no matter for your personal wealth inheritance or for your family wealth inheritance)
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