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        Private trust company specifically targets at Asian clients, who are still hold doubts about the method of authorizing others to manage their assets and demand more control over trust affairs. Thus we offer the service of private trust company (PTC) to resolve their doubts.
        The so-called PTC, is a limited liability company set up specifically for a certain off-shore trust, which acts as the trustee of that trust, managing all family assets of the trustor.
        The board of directors of a PTC put the family members of the trustor in the position of trustee together with professional institutions, so as to strengthen the control of the trustor’s family over the disposal of his trust assets. Because of this, the decisions in the assignment of the trust assets and the alteration of the attribution of the profits can be made at the family members’ will, and a large amount of trust management expenses can be saved. Therefore the trustor would not hesitate to bring all kinds of assets into the pool of offshore trust assets.
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