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        High-net-worth customer probably has to purchase oversea property to meet immigration requirements, make settle-down arrangements for family members and/or diversify investment risks by global asset allocation. However, they either follow public opinion blindingly or flounder around trying to decide what they ought to do due to lack of knowledge of oversea real-estate market. Our service team can help thanks to our foreign living experience and extensive resources of allied agents.

Real-estate planning services
        We can match out client’s living status and/or investment objectives with potential property by developing a plan on place selection, purchase/rent decision, property type, price and maintenance according to his intention (for instance, education, permanent residence, asset investment) and affordable money.

Research and On-site Visit to target market
        We do the research on target country and city from various prospects such as politics, economy, living environment. A report on target market with price ranges will be provided and a short-list is offered at the same time. Furthermore, if requested, we can arrange an on-site visit on target city accompanied by recommended professional real-estate agents.
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